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Community Based Rehabilitation Programs (CRP's) like Northwoods Inc. are under attack by well meaning but misinformed individuals.  Here are some videos that explain some of the complex issues that are in question:


Commensurate Wages Explained


The Case to Support Continuation of Medicaid
for Adults with Disabilities



  • When I first started at Northwoods, I was terrified. The prospect of working again was frightening, for I had been unemployed for a great many years due to PTSD. Not saying that I had never had a job. I have had many jobs. But none were as good as Northwoods is. The many employers never did care for me as the supervisors do. The staff (the supervisors) really take their clients lives very seriously. The workers at Northwsoods are not seen as just an employee nor just a number that is to be exploited for the sake of someone who is in it for greed. There have been rumors of places that employ the handicapped and disabled, the rumor is that such places (like Northwoods) are a sweatshop. I can say that this rumor is very much untrue. We as workers are not chained to our work station, nor are we forbidden to go to the bathroom – the bathroom are not blocked, nor are any doors that provide escape entrances in case of emergency, and we don’t work long hours, such as 10 to 12 hours a day, seven days a week. I feel it is easy for there to be a lack of understanding in regards of the truth. Does these people know that a person who receives services from the county or federal such as SSI or SSDI must report such earnings to these agencies and one must not too much or the do pay in health care premiums and could lose such programs such as MA or Food stamps. I can only speak for myself of the awareness of such losses because I bear witness to this. So making a liveable wage can be a very tricky experience. Nor are we intimidated or threatened of (loss of work if we are slow in our work) like other places. We are protected of such injuries that are harmful. We are not allowed to lift products that are too heavy, so in short we as workers are not in any sort of danger unlike sweatshops where injuries are a common sight.