Outsourcing Services

Career Steps:

Promoting career awareness through a twelve week class that focuses on employment related experiences including computer based course work, business tours, job preparation tasks, and soft skill knowledge such as attitude, communication, planning, organizing, critical thinking, interpersonal skills, teamwork, and professionalism. At the end of the course, information is provided on how to get involved with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.

Job Shadows:

Observing the essential functions and daily routines of a job in an employment setting of interest.

Job Development:

Assisting with resume development, employment searches, application completion, and interviewing techniques.


Temporary paid work experience to gain work skills or knowledge and increase employment interests.

Job Placement:

Matching individuals to jobs that align with their strength’s and abilities.

Systematic Instruction:

Providing strength based guidance and coaching to learn new job tasks, meet employer quality expectations, and become more independent in a work setting.

Employment Training:

Providing paid pre-vocational services to assist individuals with building positive work behaviors and strengthening employability skills to prepare for further employment in other settings.

Rest Area Maintenance:

Providing year round maintenance of buildings and grounds at two Rest Areas on I-90/94 near Portage, two Rest Areas South of Fond du lac on Hwy 41, Rest Areas North of Westfield on I-39 and 4 seasonal waysides in Adams County.